Our Mission
Geotrex Systems Limited (GSL) is a value oriented and result-driven organization, established (1984) to collaborate with clients to achieve improvement in their oil and gas production while conserving and growing customer petroleum resource base by design.
At Geotrex, our mission is to conserve and grow clients’ petroleum resources .  We  collaborate with our customers  to achieve best in class returns on their petroleum development investments through our uniquely Capstone® Volume to Value (V2V) work flow that emphasizes realistic production targets.
Our Vision
Our vision is to establish an advanced petroleum-knowledge Exchange Portal using workspace technologies where our staff, affiliates, and clients collaborate to design realistic and profitable V2V petroleum development projects.
We will:

  • Create a network of people and opportunity platform to learn from one another.
  •  Use geosciences, engineering and information technology to design and implement profitable projects.


Geotrex operates as a virtual workspace enterprise running at Internet time. Our staff and associates are professionally matured and geographically dispersed E&P geologists and engineers. Additionally, we collaborate with a large number of exceedingly competent E&P and academic subsurface resource persons all of whom are experts in their fields. More than three quarters of our staff and associates earned their wings over the years either with the multinational IOC’s or the Universities.

Goetrex must contribute to the success of her clients.
Geotrex capabilities are totally dependent on the attainment, development and retention of qualified personnel.
As a rule, Geotrex develops and embraces new and emerging technologies, methodologies, processes and procedures to the advantage of her clients.
We pride ourselves as the only oil services company in Nigeria that maintains 100% employee ownership. To our staff, Geotrex is the number one stop for a satisfying and challenging career. Our staff members have trust in the company and we too. That is why we insist on a working environment that is conducive for innovation.

Geotrex offers superb upstream solutions covering reservoir engineering, geology, geophysics, biostratigraphy, geochemistry, petroleum economics, and highly qualified manpower for hire services.
The company is steadily and progressively acquiring the technical expertise needed to serve the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the life cycle of the reservoir from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion; plus optimizing production throughout the life cycle of the field.

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